Frequently Asked Questions

As a NajahNow teacher do I have to have teaching experience?
No. But you have to have a good background to teach. Please upload supporting documents. We will interview you.
Can I choose any fees for my teaching services?
We suggest three levels of fees that you can charge. But you can choose lower or higher than these three levels according to subject and experience. Students pay these fees to NajahNow and we pay you. We deduct 25% as a service charge before paying you.
Once I am accepted as a NajahNow teacher can I change the times I am available for a given subject?
If NajahNow communication link for some reason is not working between me as a teacher and the student can I reschedule it with mutual agreement with the student and inform NajahNow?
How often as a teacher I get paid?
Once a month if total fees paid to you exceed a certain limit. This limit is currently set at 1000 EP
As a student can I cancel my sessions and get a refund?
No refunds if you cancel within 48 hours or less before the session. If you cancel before the 48 hours limit before the session NajahNow refunds 50% of fees paid.
As a student can I reschedule my sessions with mutual agreement with my teachers and inform NajahNow?
As a student what are the minimum number of sessions that I can register for with a given teacher for a given subject?
As a student can I use NajahNow promotion codes to take advantage of discounts?
Yes within the time limits of these promotion codes. Have more questions – please email us at: