About Us

NajahNow is an Egyptian platform using Canadian IT learning model; connecting students anywhere with teachers everywhere. NajahNow is a registered trademark.

Through our secure audio-visual communication links between teachers and students, we offer learning without borders, allowing students to achieve optimal success in both academics and life.

NajahNow – najah in Arabic means “success” – accepts only the most highly-qualified teachers including bright university students, retirees, house wives and seriously motivated students. Many of our instructors are top retired professionals in their fields.

For both teachers and students, we save the time, energy and money wasted in travel, providing parents of our younger pupils especially, peace of mind knowing that their children are getting the best private tutoring from the safety of home.

To maintain quality control and learn integrity teachers and students evaluate each other after each session.

After three unsatisfactory evaluations, a teacher or student’s contract with NajahNow is terminated.

NajahNow services are custom-designed to fit a diversity of needs, whether students are currently enrolled in government, private, or other education systems.

This includes not only standard international curriculum subjects, but electives such as conversational language training, music, health and fitness, business administration and management skills, etc.

NajahNow donates a portion of its annual profits to enhance education for the poor in Egypt.

Our top teachers and students can join our research team in developing iNajah; the world’s first Arabic AI learning Apps.

iNajah is a registered trade mark.


For teachers (professional teachers, university students, house wives, working or retired processionals) - start the application process now here for teachers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

For students (high school or university students or adults looking to enhance their knowledge and/or skills in certain subject) - start the application process now here for students                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Note: Students can choose between one-on-one tutoring, or in sessions with a group at a discount price.  

Students (or their parents) pay session fees online in advance in Egyptian pounds; teachers are paid after each session in their e-accounts with NajahNow. 25% service charge is dected before paying teachers.

Further questions?

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101 Mossadek Street

Villa El-Sharawy Unite #3

Dooky, Cairo, Egypt 12611

Office phone Number: +20233377772

Cell Number & WhatsApp Account: +201016222264

Office Hours: 9 am – 6 pm, Sunday – Thursday