Become a NajahNow Teacher

NajahNow is a novel IT solution designed to enhance the quality of learning, while saving time, energy and expense on the part of teachers, students and their families.

NajahNow is a registered trademark.

By eliminating the use of travel, NajahNow also reduces environmental impact and enhances the safety of students at all levels and ages.

NajahNow teachers are selected from among the best-qualified including professional teachers, bright university students, house wives and internationally renowned retirees.

Both teacher and student evaluate one another after each session in order to maintain, enhance and further the quality and range of leaning.

NajahNow pays attention to quality control, participant safety/security, learning integrity, and does research for iNajah; the world’s first set of learning AI Apps in both English and Arabic.

With teachers able to deliver top-caliber impartial learning experience to students anywhere in the world, we are truly an learning system “without borders.”

In choosing the fees for your session please note we deduct a service charge of 25% or less from the fees the student pays.

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Become a NajahNow Flow

1.   Teacher log in with name, short CV, photo, experience, personal data & subject (a list is given to choose from but he/she can add his own), sub-subject(s), level, education system if any, language of instruction, choose price of one hour session (prices are given to choose from or he/she writes his own, time table available + accept terms and conditions.

2.   Teacher is e-interviewed by a person or a committee. If number of teachers is too high the interview is conducted by an AI App.

3.   If teacher approved relevant data only is listed - to be seen by student.

4.   Teacher is paid after each session in his/her e-account and then money is transferred to his/her bank account after deducting a service charge of 25% or less.